Comfort System Considerations

New buildings and retrofit projects require careful planning with consideration for how you plan to condition the building for its occupants or how you might provide hot water and adequate pressure for the plumbing systems.  Working with a partner who can provide the latest information about systems and product offerings can reduce your workload and increase your knowledge.  Making informed decisions about comfort systems is what we do every single day. Consider your goals for the end result of your project.

Do you want the system to be: 
  • Sustainable or in keeping with today’s “green” building goals
  • Long-lasting
  • Well-integrated with the architecture
  • Have a low Life Cycle Cost (LCC) and Cost of Ownership (COO)
  • All of the above, or
  • None of the above?
Whatever your goals, clearly defining your intent is the first step to helping you and your consultants make the right decisions.

Where To Look

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